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Updated 28 March 2022



Bioval Process is a French start up created in June 2010. Bioval Process is working with the help of external scientific experts in the fields of Food Industry and Biotechnology. Bioval Process offers to its partners, and especially to SMEs, 4 main kind of services as following:

Training on specialised areas

Training sessions are carried out on different topics as food microbiology, food engineering, fermentation processes, cheese making, process measurement and control. Examples of training sessions organized for different European companies: "Physiology, genetics and metabolism of Lactic acid bacteria (LAB)", "Freezing and freeze drying of LAB, how to preserve their activity?", "Cheese ripening: microbial, biochemical and sensorial aspects", "Methods characterising the behavior of concentrated bacteria suspensions", etc...

The trainings address mainly R&D engineers and highly qualified technicians of industry (food, pharmacy, cosmetics...).

Expertises and consultancy

Ones experts from INRA (JRU GMPA Grignon), AgroParisTech, University (Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) and INSA Toulouse are generally employed to intervene as consultants for SMEs and large enterprises in the domains of cheese making, starters (LAB) production, protection and stabilisation of biological functionalities, waste treatment and enzyme engineering, process measurement and control. 


Software development and maintenance


Bioval Process is the owner of a licence to exploit the CINAC and iCinac software developed by the JRU GMPA (INRA Grignon). The CINAC system is an equipment allowing the on-line characterization of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) acidifying activity. A new equipment (called iCinac) based on the use of digital pH and Redox probes has been commercialised since 2012, and more of 220 iCinac are operating worldwide (iCinac L.A.B. Fermentation Monitor Series | AMS Alliance ( Process assure the improvements and the maintenance of the software used for the monitoring of the Cinac systems, sold by AMS Italy a subsidiary of KPM Analytics( KPM Analytics)

Bioval Process, in partnership with INRA (JRU GMPA, Grignon) and AMS, designed a new innovative iCinac system using wireless pH probes, and called WiCinac. The new WiCinac is now on sale, and around of 40 ones are operating worldwide.


Research and Development (R&D)

Collaborating with JRU GMPA and several SMEs, Bioval Process has R&D activities on lactic and alcoholic fermentation, and on cheese making. These works are generally cosponsored, in the framework of contracts, by OSEO (in France) and the EU (Smart Ripe project - FP7). Bioval Process brings its scientific expertise and contributes to the design of the projects, and then to their implementation including the synthesis of results. For example, Bioval Process was a partner of the European project "Smart Ripe" (7th PCRD), coordinated by the IRIS (Spain), started on December 2014, and involving 11 partners, including 7 SMEs from 4 European countries. Its purpose was the improvement of the cheese ripening process.

To download the main conclusions of the SmartRipe project, click here(French version)

 Bioval Process is currently an associate partner of the European project E-MUSE Home | E-MUSE ( (Complex microbial ecosystems multiscale modelling), headed by INRA Grignon, and intervenes in the training of doctoral students, in particular by dealing with cheese ripening and intellectual property (IP) items.

Don't hesitate to contact Bioval Process to define and implement a training program, an expert contribution, or a R&D project corresponding to your needs.



Prof. Georges CORRIEU is the chairman of Bioval Process.

G. Corrieu is a biochemical engineer (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse). He obtained a pH'D degree from Dijon University. All his career was done for INRA where he created and then headed two departments : Food Process Engineering in Lille (1976 - 1986), Microbiology and Engineering of Food Processes in Grignon (1986- 2009), respectively. His main expertise can be summarized as following : (i) Fermentation processes : starters production, fermented milks, alcoholic beverages, cheese making, cheese ripening, enzymes production; (ii) Food engineering: heat treatments, fouling and cleaning, non-Newtonians fluids treatment, freeze drying; (iii) Measurement and process control in food and fermentation industries.

G. Corrieu published more than 130 original articles in International Journals, and presented more than 30 invited lecture in International congresses. He was author of 15 patents and 8 know how licenses. He has been expert for French government, European Commission, food and biotechnology industries. Finally, he was the responsible of the Scientific pillar of Truefood IP (2006 - 2010). He created the start up Bioval Process in June 2010.